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The Top 3 Premium Themes For WordPress

When it comes to establishing yourself on the web, one of the first things – and indeed one of the most important things – to consider is how you’re going to present yourself. Beauty may only be skin deep, but, be that as it may, all of your potential clients and customers are only human, and, in this busy, social media oriented, fast food world, first impressions count.

When you first get started with WordPress, it can be very easy to begin to think that you can get away without spending any money. This is true, of course – but riding on the freebies will only take you so far, and what’s on offer from the free section will put a very stifling cap on your level of professionalism.

Now, you may argue that your professionalism should only be measured in terms of the service that you offer, the quality of your products and the attention to customer care that you give. But, in the digital age, a website is more than just a website, and in fact your professionalism will not in the first instance be judged on any of the above things, but rather on the appearance, the quality, the clarity, and the functionality of your website.

There is good reason for this, when you think about it. The high-street store may not be dead, but it’s certainly flailing. And it’s certainly true that many companies will be generating the majority of their income via online sales, whether they have an actual physical presence or not.

If, however, you exist as a service to the public entirely online – as more and more businesses are managing to do these days – then the only chance that you will have to impress your first-time callers is with the quality of your website.

And this is why it will pay to dust off those cobwebs and fork out for a premium theme on WordPress.

Why Premium?

No matter what you’re talking – wines, cigars, coffees, chocolates – the ‘premium’ moniker is reserved for the range that is the best of the best – and, frankly, only the best will do for your customers on your site.

However, ‘premium WordPress themes’ are many. In fact, the catalogue stretches into the thousands. As such, you will not be surprised to learn that some are very much better than others, and so, we thought that we’d make the job of sifting through them all a little easier for you by narrowing the selection down to just 5 of what we think are the very best.

Of course, what will be best for one type of website will not be best for another, which is another way of saying that the best WordPress theme for you will largely depend on your business model and what you’re trying to achieve in your business. Put simply, if there’s a theme that has the look that you’re after, the most appropriate design and performs all the functions that you need it to, then that will probably be the best one for you. But, even so, there are some things that are just simply stunning – and so it is these that we bring to you. Some will have the features that you’re after, some won’t – and in a way that’s a good thing, as this will narrow the pack down even more for you. But there is one thing that all 3 of the below themes have in common, and that’s their unrivalled aesthetic.

So, without further ado, here they are…

The Top 3 Premium Themes For WordPress

Metro Pro Theme

If you’re looking for something that is modern and with a certain slickness about it, then look no further than the Metro Pro Theme. Designed to have a magazine-style feel, and, importantly, is responsive to mobile devices. Social sharing is included in the $99.95 price, and comes with 5 colour styles, 6 different layout options and great community support.

Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This theme hasn’t become the fourth best selling WordPress theme for nothing. It’s built for creativity, and one of its best features is its usability. Achieving as many as 400 sales a week, Bridge is amazingly popular. But, just because there are so many sales, doesn’t mean that you’ll end up with something that’s the same as a plethora of others that are already out there. On the contrary, this theme is all about diversity and customisation. With 100 unique pre-designed layouts, free visual composer, free layer slider and free regular updates, Bridge is the ace in the pack.

Kalium Theme

If you’re after beauty and simplicity, then Kalium is the choice for you. If you need a theme that supports a regular stream of great content, presented in a way that’s easy to navigate and relaxing to read, then you’re in the right place. Fully customisable, this theme requires you to have absolutely no coding skills in order to get going, but, as with everything – and especially with premium themes – the more knowledge you have, the more you can get out of the product. Responsive and retina ready, every element of the theme is designed to look its best on HD and Retina devices.

So, those are our favourites – what are yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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