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The Year According to Google

Every year Google releases their Zeitgeist, a comprehensive chunk of data covering the most searched for things throughout the year. Simply glancing over it is a trip down memory lane with a recap of the year’s trends, news, celebrities and memes. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll soon get lost in a sea of data.

You can find the most popular trending searches for a range of categories such as films, celebs, and football teams, but where things get really interesting are Google’s reports on events throughout the year. Take the Paris attacks as an example. It was a truly tragic event and people took to the internet to find out what had happened. As a result, that day saw the highest searches for Paris in Google’s history with over 897 million searches. Google have put together an interactive graphic to show when and what people were searching for, giving a fascinating view of how the news spread around the world in the first hours after the attack. You can see for yourself here:

Personally, what I found to be the most interesting were some of the popular questions asked by people the world over. Seeing what questions people are asking provides an insight into the mindset of the masses and at times it can be truly uplifting. Have a look at the video below for some examples.

Of course there are also some colossal facepalms, such as ‘What is 0 divided by 0’ topping the charts too.
If you fancy getting lost in Google too visit

Have fun, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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