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How To Run A Facebook Competition

Competitions are one of the very best ways to growth hack your way to popularity on Facebook. The reason for this is relatively simple – although your Facebook page will be an undoubtedly great platform on which you can post links to all of your fantastic content, what really gets your fans engaged is something that they can truly participate in.

The social media marketing game – and perhaps the Facebook game in particular – essentially comprises of 3 things. Firstly, you need to gain fans and followers (or ‘Likers’ as they are on Facebook). Secondly, you need those followers and likers to engage with your output on the network. And thirdly, you want them to convert into paying customers on your website. None of these stages are particularly easy, but it’s fair to say that they get progressively harder as they move along.

Fans will come to your Facebook page if you have something good to say. Those fans will engage with your posts as long as you are stirring them emotionally to do so. But they will only convert into paying customers on your website if you convince them that they need what you’re trying to sell. This post is all about phase 2 of the cycle – increasing engagement on your Facebook page through the use of competitions.

Helpfully, by increasing engagement you will be increasing your amount of likers – that, normally, comes as part and parcel of the whole initiative. And, if you’re running a competition, then it may very well be the ‘likes’ themselves that you will be using as a type of ‘fee’ for entry.

All is explained below…

Facebook Terms And Conditions

Before we go on to describe two types of competitions that are really simple yet really effective for boosting engagement, I think that it’s important that we here take a moment to learn about the somewhat restrictive Facebook terms and conditions so that you don’t get caught out later on in violation of them.

It’s imperative that you stay within these very clear rules when running any sort of Facebook competition, for if you break them, then you can find your account suspended – and that will do no good at all for your engagement.

The reason why you cannot ask people to share, invite or tag themselves to enter a competition is because those things would skew the page’s popularity performance – and Facebook wants you to gain popularity either organically, or, preferably, through paying for boosts and advertising. But, this post isn’t about Facebook ads – it’s about running a competition, which, minus the cost of the prize, is free.

The Like And Share Giveaway

The first type of competition that I am going to explain is a “Like and Share Giveaway”. You’ve probably seen like and share giveaways floating around Facebook before – they usually say something like “Like and share this post and one lucky fan will receive a FREE GIFT when we reach 1,000 likes!!’

Now, as is clearly described both in the terms and conditions and in the HallamInternet post, unfortunately, you can no longer ask people to share your posts to enter the competition. Facebook, pretty simply, doesn’t want business pages to incentivise likers to share the page if they have something to gain for doing so – they want users to share a page if they want to, nothing more.

So, when you run your giveaway to increase likes on your page, you cannot ask people to share the post. However, you won’t always need to, for, if the prize is good enough, users will want to share your promotion anyway so they can find out quickly who won.

And, whenever somebody likes or shares your page or promotion, then make sure that you go in and thank them personally on their wall, as this will legitimately increase your exposure to that liker’s following.

The Comment To Enter Competition

This is the next step up from the ‘like to enter’ competition. This time you’re going to be creating a post that you will want user’s to participate in.

Running a promotion like this will get your following really thinking hard about your brand and/or one of your products. Indeed, a comment to enter competition is a really great way for implanting your presence into the minds of your fans – and it will get them talking about you online and offline as well.

Put simply, you are creating a buzz about your brand, and something that people can really participate in, and the more ideas along this vein that you can come up with, the better.

What Facebook competitions do you use to engage your following? Let us know in the comments below.

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