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How To Make The Most Of Twitter Advertising

For anyone in the tech world, Twitter is by far and away the most valuable social network that’s out there. We live in a fast-paced world where it seems as if there’s never enough time to do anything. Social media is all the rage, and, as social media marketers, we must find the time and the resources to make our brand’s presence known and felt across all of the major platforms.

Some businesses will gain the most traction on Facebook, some will find their natural home on Pinterest, a few will close the biggest deals and make the most significant impact on LinkedIn – but everyone can benefit from Twitter, even if as just a supporting role for our major outlets.

The fact is that those measly 140 characters that Twitter allows for its microblogs seem to just be the perfect amount for the busy business person who doesn’t have time to get distracted on Facebook or sift through endless images on Pinterest. Twitter enables the fast scrolling and scanning of headlines, links and quips, and a quick check of the Twitter feed can take less than 30 seconds to see if anything interesting is happening.

As I say, the tech world loves Twitter. Techy types appreciate the brevity of the form more than most. Short, succinct posts are perfect for us. We follow all the big tech players – @jeffbullas, @MariSmith, @kesbutters, @GuyKawasaki – plus lots of smaller ones that fall into our particular niche, and can get the latest in a matter of seconds.

And of course, we favour the channel for promoting our own content as well. The thing with Twitter is that it is a lot easier than most other social networks to gain a substantial following in a relatively short matter of time.

Following people is easy on Twitter, and getting people to follow you can often be as simple as following them and retweeting a tweet of theirs. Over a matter of just a few short weeks, you can go from 0 to 2000+ followers very simply, and then just grow and grow and grow from there.

Twitter Advertising – Some Important Stats describes Twitter as a “robust platform”, and, when you look at the figures, that cannot be denied.

Here’s a breakdown of the Twitter advertising stats as of the first quarter of (Q1) of 2015.

  • $436 million – Twitter revenue Q1 2015
  • 89% of Twitter’s Q1 2015 revenue came from mobile
  • 88% of total Twitter advertising purchased belongs to Promoted Tweets
  • 29% of offline sales are attributed to Promoted Tweets

How To Make The Most Of Twitter Advertising

Ok, so the stats speak for themselves. Twitter advertising obviously results in a great turnover for Twitter, and helps businesses enormously when it comes to selling their products.

So – how do you make the platform work for you?

Twitter advertising began nearly 5 years ago. For a long time it worked pretty simply. However, the rules have changed slightly now, and so you need to look at the new strategies for how to use Twitter advertising, rather than any old ones.

So, let’s now look at the main areas in which you can use Twitter advertising to give your profile a massive boost.

Quick Promote Tweets

We’ve been able to promote tweets for a long time now, but more recently the ‘quick promote’ option has become available.

Promoted tweets are simply normal tweets that advertisers pay Twitter to share with a broader audience. With the (relatively) new quick promote, this process has been streamlined to be more effective, as Buster Benson writes on Twitter’s small business blog:

“Promoting a Tweet takes just a few clicks and your Tweet will automatically be targeted to users who have interests similar to your followers — the audience that is most likely to be interested in your message.”

Lead Generation

One of the best things about Twitter ads is that they can be targeted very specifically to a very particular type of Twitter user. This of course is great news for promotions.

You can choose the demographics of those that you want to target, the language spoken, location, and lots more. gives the following advice on how to use lead generation most effectively:

“If you’re involved in an industry that has a lot of ‘buzz’ on social media, where your target customer will be discussing certain topics related to your products or services, use keyword targeting. Say there’s an upcoming event or convention for your industry, and people who could potentially be your customers are talking about it on Twitter. This is when keyword targeting would be ideal. The rest of the time, I’d highly recommend targeting handles. Handles are the ‘@username’ identification for users on Twitter. With this targeting option, you select specific Twitter handles and your promoted tweets will be shown to the followers of those handles.”

Gaining Followers

If it’s just growing the following that’s most important to you, then you promote your whole account rather than just a tweet. Promoted accounts are ads aimed at increasing followers and can be displayed in the “Who to Follow” box, in the timeline and in search results.

When you promote your account, your profile will appear in the “Who To Follow” suggestion box more frequently, and when searching through other people’s followers, your promoted account will be closer to the top, depending on how much money you want to spend is the assumption.

Twitter ads are great and extremely effective. Businesses who are looking to make their presence known on the platform need to start experimenting right away, as the ability to target specific followers and promote your products and your brand directly to them is second to none.

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