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Logo Design

Welcome, if you are reading this post, it could be because you are thinking about getting a professional logo design, or maybe you want to weigh up the benefits and see why you would want to pay someone when you can go in to word and type something yourself….

Okay, so the main benefits of professional logo design

  • Unique
  • Print ready
  • Continuity
  • It looks professional


Your design should be unique to you, it should fit in with your business and could contain a small illustration, a new font or be very simple yet beautiful. A professional designer will either intuitively know what designs will work well or they will research the market and find a brand that stands out, just for you.


If you did attempt to make one yourself, or you lift an image from the internet, be aware that this could impact later on when it’s time to order your printing. Print companies require very high resolution formats and that image probably wont cut it. You will still need that image recreating, and unless there is some freedom to change the image, without copyright permission, a designer wont touch it.


Brand continuity often means you’ll need your logo in a variety of formats, such as black and white, transparent and high resolution as mentioned before. Without this you could find yourself in a pickle and again, you will be looking to a designer to remake your logo.


Don’t be fooled, your clients will recognise those usual fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or (my personal pet hate) Comic Sans. Nothing says “I don’t care about my business” than a shoddy and clearly home made logo. A professional logo may cost initially, but you could lose a lot more by not investing in one.


Well, we’ll start with research. I’ve personally worked with so many different businesses I don’t need to research every logo I make but I always make an effort to further my design development by looking at the latest trends. So before I start I have a good knowledge of what will and wont work. Let’s also mention here that professional designers don’t just wake up one morning and say “I’ll be a designer now”. Literally years and years of practice, study and continual development goes in to being a good designer.

Software, now that’s a big factor because the software we use doesn’t come cheap. We opt for the latest Adobe Suite CS6 and our logos are designed in Illustrator, a complex and expensive piece of kit….. the hardware needed to run it alone can set a designer back £1,000s and we need a highly calibrated screen to view true colours. All of these wares need updating and maintaining too!


When looking for a design make sure you shop around, get plenty of quotes and choose a designer whose previous designs you like. It’s great if you have some ideas, but overall be open minded and let your designer come back to you with their ideas. Don’t forget to ask for reviews and Google them before handing over any money!

If you are still unsure about logo design or if you would like a free quote for a logo you can always get in touch with us, e-mail [email protected] 

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