Ideas for your Social Media Content
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Ideas for your Social Media Content

There are many ways for your business to make social media interesting. Lets look at how we can achieve this.


A visual representation of your data is always going to attract your audience. Hire the best graphic designers in town to get this done and go viral with it.


An interesting quote about your business is always going to be a fun way to increase likes and arouse more interest amongst customers.

New pictures

It’s great to post the latest pictures of your business, new outlets and franchises. A loyal customer is always interested in the developments of your business.

What’s happening behind the scene?

Go down memory lane and show the development of your business from a certain year. Flashbacks are always interesting for a customer, and it will help build the brand’s image in their minds.

Who is the celebrity that inaugurated your outlet?

Don’t you see posts in Facebook or Twitter with celebrities inaugurating an outlet? The speech given by them or what they wore for the event or simply the fact that this celebrity is associated with a brand can give customers faith – or, sometimes, even blind faith – about its products and services.


At some point, you will have had either the CEO of the company speaking or other guests speaking on behalf of the company. As long as you think it will be of interest to your customer, you can upload your videos.

Add winners’ photos
A person who wins a certain contest will have obviously put in some effort, right? Recognise their effort by posting pictures of them holding their prize, and by mentioning a few lines about them. This “lottery effect” will rub off on other customers, too.

Make an effort to announce your top products
You may get testimonials from top users. Make an effort by sharing your top product and the sales it made. If you are e-commerce site, then you can announce a mobile that was so popular that it went out of stock; or, you can also showcase your season sales by inviting existing and prospective customers. Season sales are very popular in e-commerce as your audience gets to know all about special offers and discounts on every product.

Ask your followers more questions

Interact with your customers by asking them for ideas about what they want – customisation works wonders for customers.

Share all pictures of events

Events are common to most businesses, such as special sales, entertainment events or road shows. It’s important that all these immediately go into your Facebook page and are shared with the audience.

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