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Custom CSS in WordPress


If you are fairly new to WordPress or typically use premium themes and designs you might not know much about CSS and how to style your website, let’s start by looking at what CSS is. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language that controls the style of your website and the overall appearance, if you want to change certain elements of your website like the font colour or the size of a link then it would be done by editing the stylesheet of your website.

Editing the CSS

If you need to make any quick changes to your theme for WordPress and have tried before you might have noticed it can be annoying to keep editing the main stylesheet through WordPress and not have the stylesheet adjustments apply each time you make a change.

Thankfully there is a simple solution that allows you to make changes on a custom CSS page that applies updates each time the page is refreshed. Simple Custom CSS is a WordPress plugin available free from the WordPress plugin directory.

Once you have installed the plugin you can access the stylesheet by logging in to the WordPress backend and navigating to Appearance > Simple Custom CSS


You will have a stylesheet on here to work on for your custom edits. You can then add your custom CSS and click on the save button at the bottom to apply your changes to the entire website. It is worth noting that sometimes custom CSS might use double quotes for things like fonts, if you do not check the double quotes option in the plugin quotations will not be displayed correctly, you can enable double quotes on the sidebar option of the plugin:


The great part about this plugin is how easy it makes it to quickly edit your layout, after you have finished you can either go through your changes and edit your main stylesheet or keep it how it is.

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